Re: RP System Selection Guidelines

From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Tue Sep 30 1997 - 21:18:57 EEST

Peter S. Rourke wrote:

> Does anyone know of a RP system selection guideline that is published
> anywhere? I found one in progress (incomplete) through the RP homepage
> ( In an attempt to link market demand with capacity using
> existing RP technologies I am looking for a matrix matching product
> criteria and RP process capability.

Dear Peter,

     In our technology assessment projects, Ennex Fabrication uses a
procedure called *Ennex Fabricator Requirements Analysis* to evaluate
available technologies against a set of criteria selected based on the
needs or interests of the client. Although it is a formal analytical
procedure, the information that goes into it is still fairly subjective and
based on knowledge of the industry and each technology.

Best Regards,
Marshall Burns

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