Re: Adhesive for urethane parts

From: Rainer Neumann (
Date: Wed Oct 01 1997 - 10:54:00 EEST

Hi there,

Ciba provides a glue who will be deispensed by a small gun.
It is called Araldid. They have different kinds one is call Araldid 2021 and it
cures in 2-3 min.

Kind regards

Rainer Neumann
4D Concepts GmbH

Ernie Guinn schrieb:
> Here at A.P.I. we have a project where we need to bond two halves of
> a tube together, that are made from a Ciba 80D urethane. We currently use
> MAXI-CURE which is a cyanoacrylate (supper glue). This works but is not
> nearly as strong as the urethane. We have 120 parts to make from 240
> pieces, each tube is 8" long, which means we have 1920 inches to bond
> together. I'm hoping to find a two part material that cures in a couple of
> minutes, and is dispensed from a small gun.

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