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From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (stahlht@INDY.NAVY.MIL)
Date: Wed Oct 01 1997 - 16:41:00 EEST

We are using a BEST UPS and have had no problems with it. I just have a
250 so my UPS is quite a bit smaller than what you need but I believe
they have much larger ones. It has a built in computer that you can log
into and get a log of the power hits and the like. It comes in handy
when you need to CONVINCE your facilities people that there is a
problem. You should be able to locate BEST on the web. If not let me
know and I can do some digging and find an old catalog.

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Subject: Re[2]: SLA-250 Laser replacement
Date: Wednesday, October 01, 1997 8:40AM

     Todd/RPmail list: We had a problem recently with the power running
     our SLA machines being interrupted, thus shutting down (2) of our
     SLA500 machines. We are currently looking into having UPS systems
     put on to all (3) SLA500's. Do you, or anyone else on this list,
     have any information on cost, suppliers etc. for the SLA500's. I
     would appreciate any info.

     Lynda Hurley
     Lockheed Martin
     Rapid Prototyping Lab
     Orlando, Florida

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Subject: RE: SLA-250 Laser replacement
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Are you talking about Coherent or Liconix lasers?

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Our last three lasers have lasted over 6000 hours. I don't know what
the exact reasons are but have a couple of ideas.

        1) We are in a clean room - Don't think this is a major reason
the constant temp and low dust certainly don't hurt.

        2) Uninterruptable power supply. Before we added this we would
lasers dying at or before 2000 hours - after this was put on a few years
ago they have lasted upwards of 4000. Our last one lasted 6500 hours
and was in the mid 20's when it died.

        3) We don't turn our laser off if at all possible - only if we
know it
is going to be down for more than a few days.

I feel that the major reasons we have enjoyed long laser life is reasons
2 and 3.

Regards, Todd Stahlhut

>Subject: SLA-250 Laser replacement
>Date: Monday, September 29, 1997 1:04PM

> Does anyone know if there are any other lasers for the SLA-250 ?

> The 40 mW Omnichrome unit that we have seems to last about 2000 hrs.
> At that time it starts loosing power rapidly (less than 25 mW) and the
> build time suffers greatly. The remelt process helps but it never
> returns to the original 32 - 36 mW.

> I have heard of a 70 mW (!!!!!?????) Liconix but how reliable is it,
> how dependable is it?, price, service etc.?

> Any help would be appreciated

> Andy Messina
> The Boeing Company

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