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From: Elaine Hunt (
Date: Wed Oct 01 1997 - 21:14:20 EEST

It's that time of year when I want a "who's who", "what's what" and
"where's where" report on university work. This time it will be published
in a magazine report... otherwise old data will be deleted...

I am looking for the following information:

 University Name:
 Contact person:
 City & State & Zip:

 Subject area of interest or research:
 Department housing RP Equipment:
 Number and Vendor of RP systems:
 Number of courses offered teaching RP:

 Department where course is offered:

 Is your work supported by a Consortia?

 If so name of consortia?

 Number of faculty involved in RP?

 Biggest hurdle to overcome with RP and education:

 Explain how your research will impact the RP world in the next three years:

Opinions, suggestions, and other controversial matter VOID where prohibited.
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