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From: Steve_Farentinos (
Date: Thu Oct 02 1997 - 22:17:15 EEST

Marshall Burns wrote:

> George Sachs of Paradyme Systems (<>) was talking about
> getting something going on a benchmarking study last summer. More recently,
> Steve Farentinos at PML in Torrance has offerred his CMM for measuring models
> submitted to him with the source CAD files.

I didn't say much about how I planned to measure the parts in the study.

We have developed a piece of software that runs inside the Varimetrix CAD/CAM
program. The software accepts a point cloud generated by a digitizing device
(CMM) and registers the point cloud against the CAD surface or solid model of the
nominal part. This is an iterative process with a stopping rule that allows you
to find the "best-fit" position of the digitized point cloud with respect to the
model. The result is an inspection report in which the point-to-surface
deviations have been minimized.

I plan to use this approach in my study to find the best possible surface profile
tolerance for each measured part.

By the way, I now have solid commitments from 3D Systems and Aaroflex, and
tentative commitment from Compression, Inc. Are there any more takers?

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