Re: RP for Electronics

From: Jason Aspinall (
Date: Fri Oct 03 1997 - 11:47:55 EEST

Just to throw you in the right direction, there is a machine capable
of milling (reverse) tracks onto copper clad board. Here in the UK
the company was called Versatronics, one of my old school friends
worked for this company (about 6 years ago), I don't know whether or
not they are still in business, but at least it's a name to bound
about :)


Jason Aspinall
CAD Development Engineer
Lion Laboratories plc

> In the world of RP there are some milling machines used for RP of printed circuit boards. Their software generates a toolpath around all tracks on the PCB and the machine mills them out to isolate t
> Also I am looking for different kind of conductive resins. The objective is to collectively deposit the material and then cure it to make conductive paths on the surface of the parts.
> Please if any one knows of the above items, drops me a line.
> Thanks,
> Majid.

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