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From: Brad Fox (
Date: Fri Oct 03 1997 - 17:51:06 EEST

What a great question - and one that I haven't seen or heard discussed very
much. I have several Universities in the process of purchasing the Actua
2100 Office Modeller. I believe (IMHO) that Actua is perfect for this
application because:

1) It's fully network compatible. Hang it on the network and multiple
departments can easily access it.

2) The Allegro software that comes with Actua can be installed on as many
computers as you want within the University. It makes operating the Actua
as easy as printing a Microsoft Word document

3) Reliability. My machine here at Rapid Design has been running for over 4
months. We've built hundreds of parts without a single build failure! This
is quite remarkable and will be "must" requirement for wide spread
university application. Actua's speed also makes it a great candidate for
heavy use.

4) Actua is extremely quite as it operates and does not have any odors that
are offensive. Replacing the material is easier than changing tonor in a copier.

5)The new supporting software makes clean up of the part unbelievably fast.
The new material also makes shipping of the parts around campus safe.

I'll keep you informed as our first units go into the Campus. I really
think it's a great application. A local college is looking for it's
students in their ProE class to turn in their assignments with an Actua part
instead of the .PRT file! (or at least along with it)


Brad Fox
Rapid Design Technologies

>At 08:54 AM 10/3/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I am interesting in hearing if any university has placed any RP system in
>an open lab or class room area where the machine is available at all times
>to any and all students. Has any industry placed a system where any
>employee can use it without special assistance?
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