Strain Gage analysis on SL parts

From: Christian Antoniutti (
Date: Wed Oct 08 1997 - 13:56:04 EEST

Hello all RP World!

Thank you all for your help in the last months. I have just finished my
Graduate Thesis about strain analysis on a SL part.
I would share with you all my results, and get some opinions from you:

1. I used DuPont Somos 6100 resin, and the tests showed that this
material is not isotropic and at all homogeneous. Layer orientation does
have a significant influence on material properties like tensile modulus
and Poisson's ratio
2. FEA model with isotropic and homogeneous material does not give good
correlation with strain data from electrical resistance strain gages

This is is contrast with what I read in this newsgroup, the common
opinion is that SL material is homogeneous and isotropic. I have another
question for you all: there are some papers about photoelastic analysis
that say that this technique gives good results. But how can this be
being the SL material non isotropic?

Bye to all, hope to hear from you soon

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