Spray Metal Tooling

From: Douglas A. VanPutte (vanputte@kodak.com)
Date: Wed Oct 08 1997 - 16:37:52 EEST

Halford, Ben wrote:
> Dear All
> Does anyone know of any current work being done in the field of spray metal
> tooling outside of the UK ?. Things seem to have gone a little quiet in
> this area at the moment. Any up to date information regarding deposition
> system, substrate type etc, would be great fully received
> Regards
> Ben Halford
> PERA Technology
> England
> ben_halford@peragroup.com


The Idaho National Engineering Lab (INEEL) has developed a molten metal
spray process for building tools. In brief, the heart of the Rapid Spray
Process (RSP) is a crucible where metal is melted. The metal is fed
under pressure to a ceramic nozzle which atomizes the metal with
nitrogen gas and directs it to an articulated tool pattern. The pattern
can be plastic for Kirksite tools, but ceramic patterns must used for
higher melting alloys such as steel.

A multi-phase consortium is being formed by NCMS to further develop the
RSP process. For more information, contact

Ken Johnson
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences


Kevin McHugh

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