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From: Wei Feng (
Date: Thu Oct 09 1997 - 00:46:20 EEST

There is a test machine, named M220(Multi-functional test machine,
220X220X220mm) installed in the Center of Laser Rapid Forming,
Tsinghua University, China. It serves as a RP test system, somewhat
like a RP platform, on which several RP processes have been tried,
such as SSM, MEM, SLA, SLS, PCM and etc. Of course some mechanical
parts must be changed to meet the various requirements of different
processes. It's open and free not only to every student in CLRF, but
also to some others in Tsinghua University or other universities.
Everyone can try to realize his creative ideas on this machine with
the agreement of the leader in CLRF.

The M220 was made in the early 1994, only cost not more than
$30,000 (US dollar). Based on this test machine, some other
commercial RP machines have been made in these years.
It's very useful to students to do some tests. I myself was involved
in the design and manufacturing of this system.

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