Re: Strain Gage analysis on SL parts

From: Christian Antoniutti (
Date: Thu Oct 09 1997 - 11:43:16 EEST


> The only work we have done is with the Ciba resins (SL5170). These do
> appear to be isotropic and most of the photoelastic stress analysis
> has been done with these.
> Phill Dickens
> University of Nottingham

All the works I have found are done with Ciba's resins (SL 5170).
Researchers at IKP Stuttgart (Germany) use DuPont resins (Somos 6100).
My question is: are the two resins so different? Are there some results
about influence of process parameters on isotropicity?
I think that both Ciba and DuPont make good products, so I won't expect
that DuPont is worse than Ciba.
Another question: how can you say that the material is isotropic? I used
specimens with different layer orientation; Poisson and Young modulus
are quite similar in different specimens with the same layer
orientation, and quite different in specimens with different layer

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Bye to all

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