Re: SLA-5000

From: Fred Borsini (
Date: Thu Oct 09 1997 - 15:27:37 EEST


The General Pattern Company in Blaine, Minnesota, has SLA-5000 systems.

General Pattern, a 3D System beta site for the SLA-5000 during most of
1997, continues to utilize their SLA-5000 with great satisfaction. Contact
Bob Grainger, vice president or Denny Reiland, president for specific
information. General Pattern has a substantial number of SLA-500 and
SLA-250 systems and can make an accurate assessment of the 5000's
advantages. Bob or Denny can be reached directly at:

        General Pattern
        3075 84th Lane NE
        Blaine, MN 55449

        612 780-3518 phone
        612 780-3770 fax

        <> Bob Grainger
        <> Company

Best of luck with your search for information.

Fred Borsini
Eclipse Technologies

>Dear RP world,
>I am looking for a service bureau that is already operating the new
>SLA-5000 machine.
>PROFORM AG Rapid Prototyping and Stereolithography
>Route de Fribourg 42
>CH-1723 Marly 2, Switzerland
>Tel. +41 (026)-436 43 83 E-mail:
>Fax. +41 (026)-436 43 29 WWW:

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