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From: Kamesh Tata (
Date: Thu Oct 09 1997 - 23:05:20 EEST

John wrote:
We at Lucent Technologies are considering swapping our Cibatool for the new Dupont 7100 series resin. How does this resin compare to CIBA in terms of accuracy, curl, reproduction of small features, and quality of down facing surfaces..........Sincerely,John Celeste

We at Plynetics Express have been using DuPont 7100 family of resins for a few months now. More specifically, SOMOS 7100 (for SLA-500s), SOMOS 7110 (for SLA-250s) and SOMOS 7120 (for SLA-350s). All the three resins have some remarkable properties. To start with, they are bubble free. So far we have built anywhere between 500-1000 customer parts of varying sizes and geometries and have not seen a single bubble. To me this is a breakthrough in the development of epoxy resins. Second, all the three resins are humidity insensitive. This is quite unlike SOMOS 6100 family which works better at high humidity, nor even like Ciba 5100 family which prefers a low humidity environment. Third, photo-speeds are higher lowering build times considerably. Part quality is excellent. Downfacing surfaces are smooth and so are the vertical walls. Feature resolution is better, which, I believe, is due to higher Dp which results in a narrower linewidth. Fourth, support removal is a breeze. I know I started sounding like a DuPont salesman and believe me, I am not one. I am a strong minded, highly independent and blablablablabla guy.:)

We did not build QuickCast patterns initially as we were not sure about the Quickcastability of 7100. Later, we received satifactory reports from four different foundries and we have been building QC patterns since then.

If you have any questions, please send email or call at 847-925-9900. Of course, have your credit card handy. Just kidding.

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