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Date: Fri Oct 10 1997 - 02:54:29 EEST

Christian wrote:

> For a week ago I wrote a questian about if somebody knows ANYTHING about
> the electrosetting technology developed by US-Navy. The info I have comes
> from a web-side last updated 1993. Please have a look at this site

Christian -- When this topic was brought up before, I'll admit that I was
too lazy to look through my file cabinet. Today, I looked and found a
folder with the following information:

In May 1991, Dr. Ronald Reitz contacted me to explain his electroset
technology. That's when he was asked to speak at a national conference (I
believe in Dayton) and that's when it was announced to the world, so to
speak. Around the same time, Dr. Reitz and Ross McMullin established
Electroset Synergistic Technologies Corporation, which at the time held the
patent rights to this technology. Roger Erickson served as the contact at
the Office of Naval Research.

The contact information I have for Ronald Reitz is David Taylor Research
Center, Machinery Silencing Division, Annapolis, MD 21402, phone (301)
267-2769, but keep in mind that it's from 1991.

Good luck with your research. The approach behind the technology is
intriguing, although I've never seen any sample parts, nor have I talked to
anyone (other than Dr. Reitz) that have seen parts from the process.

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