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From: Douglas A. VanPutte (
Date: Mon Oct 13 1997 - 19:28:25 EEST

Vista Technologies wrote:
> I am looking for the Pro/Engineering file which contains the Kodak bench mark part which people have been using as a test piece for injection molding. I have found the core and cavity stl files at Georgia Tech but would like to have the actual Pro/Engineering database file.
> Any information regarding this piece would be appreciated.
> Thank you.
> David Berg
> Vista Technologies


I trust you are looking for the mold. If not, skip to the next
paragraph. The Kodak benchmark mold has graduated. At this year's 3D
NASUG meeting in Orlando, FL, the group adopted a modified version of
the Kodak benchmark mold as the 3D NASUG User Mold. It is available at
the GA Tech RPMI web site as follows:

The Kodak benchmark part file is also available at the location above.
Any questions, call or e-mail me as follows:

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