FDM downloading software...for free!

From: Tobias Hogstrand (tobias.hogstrand@protech.se)
Date: Tue Oct 14 1997 - 16:23:20 EEST

For Stratasys FDM RP systems users:

Now you can download FDMCOM 4.2 from "www.protech.se". The website is at
the moment in swedish but in the entrance menu all of you non-swedes should
be able to scroll down the list and find "FDM COMmunicator 4.0 (Beta)".
This version is not a beta and the verison number should be 4.2. The size
of the zip file is approx. 690 kb. Consult the "readme.txt" within the
zip file for installation instructions.

FDMCOM is a downloading software which will replace the "ssend", "ssend
[file] -pc", "sscal" and "ssbutton" scripts. The units could be toggled
beteween inches and metric. Just click on an SML file from the files
list and it gives you the runtime, material usage, machine type, tip size
and other file related information. Double click on the file to start the
FDM machine. There is also a simulation module and a meassure function

FDMCOM runs on windows 3.11, 95, NT 3.51 or NT 4.0. It is still a 16 bit
application though.

FDMCOM is a shareware software but I would like everybody who downloads
this to leave me a comment and tell me who you are so I can send out
updates for any forthcoming releases.

The FDMCOM version number will follow the latest QuickSlice version number.

Tobias Hogstrand
ProTECH AB Box 627 S-191 26 Sollentuna Sweden
E-mail: tobias.hogstrand@protech.se
Tel. +468 5947 0806 Fax. +468 92 9620

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