SolidWorks book

From: Geoff Smith-Moritz (
Date: Tue Oct 14 1997 - 21:07:28 EEST

I know many rapid prototypers are interested in new solid modeling
software, especially products that run under Microsoft's Windows NT. I have
just finished a new book called Designing Parts with SolidWorks.

What has always annoyed me about computer books is that they require too
much reading. In my book I have tried to illustrate graphically how to use
the software. I think designers -- who are basically visual people -- will
like this approach.

Designing Parts with SolidWorks is intended for beginners. If the approach
works well, the publisher would like to do books on more advanced.

My book can be ordered directly from CAD/CAM Publishing. The Web site is Or call 619/488-0533. You can also get it
through Amazon Books, if you prefer to order that way.

If you need more information, the publisher has a nice brochure to send

Roy Wysack

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