This Month in the Rapid Prototyping Report -- October 1997

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Date: Wed Oct 15 1997 - 02:52:21 EEST

This Month in the Rapid Prototyping Report -- October 1997

** More efficient prototyping with concept modelers. We talk to Dave
Haymond, president of Global Gumball, Inc., of Mesa Arizona to find out how
his company is using concept models made on a Stratasys Genisys modeler to
cut its overall rapid prototyping bill. And we ask Ray Chu, director of
manufacturing technology at Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies, how
the Genisys allows PADT to sell more rapid prototypes.

** DuPont introduces SOMOS 7110 for helium cadmium lasers. .Allied Signal's
stereolithography resin business purchased by Ciba Specialty Chemicals.

** Stratasys announces enhancements for its FDM-2000 that enable the
machine to build parts with 0.007-inch thick layers, and with as walls as
thin as 0.020 inches.

** DTM develops system of creating hollow investment-casting shells using
its Trueform polymer. DTM has signed deals with both Materialise and
DeskArtes to bundle software for creating shelled parts from STL files.

** DeskArtes introduces RapidTools 4.01

** Materialise introduces Magics RP 4.2

** The Rapid Prototyping Association of the Society of Manufacturing
Engineers (RPA/SME) establishes a CAD Initiative to develop dialog with CAD
software developers.

** The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) holds a
meeting to discuss it potential role in the field of rapid prototyping.

 ** Call for papers -- Seventh European Conference on Rapid Prototyping and
Manufacturing, to be held July 7-9, 1998, in Aachen, Germany.

** First call for information for the 1998 Rapid Prototyping Directory.

** Have you ever wondered how rapid prototyping stocks compare to the Dow
Jones average or the Standard and Poors 500? James McIlree of Southcoast
Capital has been keeping track of a Rapid Prototyping Index.

** Business news
          -Helisys announces year end loss of $3 million on revenues of $14
          -EOS appoints Hitachi Zosen as Japanese distributor
          -Soligen signs deal with Shonan Design Company, Ltd.
          -DTM lowers estimates for fiscal 1997

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