Girls and Technology -- non-rp!

From: Kevin Robertson (
Date: Wed Oct 15 1997 - 03:49:34 EEST

>"Work smarter" means constant education and attention to one's skills. The
employer is only looking for productive results to the bottom line and the
employee should look to how they are building their resume. When the fit no
longer remains, be ready to part company before they depart you.
Good point, there is a good article in this months Nation's Business
( regarding technology, which gives of mention of
Z Corp and their printing technology. In the October 13th issue, Business
Week also did a special report on all the job opportunities available in the
high-tech arena. It covers high-tech opportunities and opportunities for
non-technical people in the high-tech field. So I have to agree with Elaine
that the opportunities are available for those that want to capitalize.

As far as BPM, one shortcoming I experienced was software related. The
software could not support the typical size part we ran (technolgical flaw).
I'm not sure if this changed over time, but no indication of a change was
introduced to me by BPM (lack of sales force?). It takes coordination of
many factors to have a successful product, besides having a good idea.


Kevin Robertson
ARRK-San Diego,CA

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