What really happened to BPM?

From: Elaine T. Hunt (elaine.hunt@ces.clemson.edu)
Date: Wed Oct 15 1997 - 15:27:00 EEST

Now that it is official I'll say what many have whispered for years.
Excellent technology, poor management who would not listen to sound
technical advice, .......the list could reach for miles.

I hate to see such a promising technology (3d fax possibilities)
disappear from the market. If other vendors do not heed the lessons
BPM teaches us all, then unfortunately we may see many of them face
the same fate. 1998 will definitely be the year of lessons learned or
"reaping what we sow."

Good outcome possibilities....a visionary with excellent technical strength
recognize opportunities, purchase assets, and a 3d fax machine will be
developed, staff will moved to other RP vendors and use their skills to
enhance existing RP products.

So far the user has the last word and words about BPM were always negative.
 Autofact became the beginning of the end. Ironic?


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