Re: What really happened to BPM?

Date: Wed Oct 15 1997 - 19:54:13 EEST

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<< Now that it is official I'll say what many have whispered for years.
 Excellent technology, poor management who would not listen to sound
 technical advice, .......the list could reach for miles.>>

With all due respect to Ms. Hunt and her opinions, she is not in a position
to know what really happened. It is easy to take a single perspective and
attempt to reduce a complex set of issues into a pithy set of comments
uttered from the ivory tower.

As the Mastered degreed Mechanical Engineer who was responsible for the
MANAGING and LISTENING mentioned above, my perspective is perhaps unique to
the situation and not as limited as Ms. Hunt's.

BPM's technology had and has tremendous potential and the progress witnessed
by the RP and non-RP world in the past year has demonstrated that potential.
In addition it is interesting to see the type of verbiage used by other 3D
Printer products as it relates to the statements made by BPM Technology at
AUTOFACT 95. (Ask yourself which came first The Personal Modeler 2100 or the
Actua 2100). Yes, BPM originally brought the Modeler to market too soon in
November 95 and we seemed to have awaken the Engineering community to the
value of 3d printing. At this point it would be easy to point fingers, but
what would be the value? But consider

At that point a newly assembled management team and the dedicated team of
engineers, who ALL stayed, as well as several techncians and manufacturing
associates spent the last 1 1/2 years trying to recover from that mistake.
The original investors came back to the table several times to sustain the
company. Eventually it just became too long a road. Take a good look at RP
company stock prices and imagine trying to tell potential investors of a
great new market that will grow out the existing one.

At BPM we always knew this day was a distinct possiblity but to an individual
we pushed as hard as we could to make this place succeed. We used to say
SOMEBODY is gonna make a ton of money at 3d printing, the only question is
I have watched the RP-ML quietly for the last Having traveled to the And to
be honest with the RP community

The level of understanding of what the technology

As for what we should have and could have done.....Monday morning
quarterbacks always have the best winning percentages but they never end up
in the Hall of Fame.

-Tom Fletcher
Vice President of Technology Development, BPM Technology

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