Re: What really happened to BPM?

From: Chuck Kirschman (
Date: Thu Oct 16 1997 - 01:32:59 EEST

BPM Technology closed last Thursday (with no notice), much to my regret
after all of my years of effort. However, as our VP forgot to mention,
on the personal side there are a number of _excellent_ engineers who are
now seeking employment. If you would like resume's or to get in
touch with any of the following people, you can call Cheri (pronounced
"Cherry") at 864-297-7700 for about 1 or 2 more weeks, or you can
email me here.

Jack Larsen, Chief mechanical engineer, many years working in the printer
industry including Centronix and Howtek

Bill Barlage, Mechanical Engineer (MSME), responsible for much of the mechanical
design; has also published work on composites in SLA

Jamie Asbury, Electrical Engineer (MSEE), several years of experience,
designed the entire electrical system and has UL certification experience

Chuck Kirschman, Sr. Development Engineer and Lead Programmer (PhD ME),
has worked in RP since 1989, has emphasized RP software and has 8 years
C experience

Christine Grewcock, Development Engineer / Programmer (MS CS), many
years engineering programming experience

Jim Conrad, Software Engineer (PhD CompE), Former professor; worked on
embedded controllers

Paul Sadka, Developement Engineer (MSEE), Did much of the later research
as well as code to repair STL's and create supports


Chuck Kirschman
"I don't NEED to compromise my principles, because they don't have the
 slightest bearing on what happens to me anyway." - Calvin

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