Actua & casting

From: Steel, Sara (
Date: Thu Oct 16 1997 - 16:18:00 EEST

Does anybody have any experience of investment casting using 3D Systems
Actua models, in particular no. and type of shell coats & burnout times. My
understanding is that the models behave pretty much like wax patterns, but
any I would be interested to learn of any potantial probelms that anyone is
aware of.

Thankyou to everyone who replied to my plea for help on UK-based foundries
with experience in casting from RP models. Suitable contacts for anyone who
is interested are:

P I Castings, Altrincham 0161 928 5811
Tritech 01978 661111
Zenith Casting 01384 76006
Aeromet International 01795 476333
Finecast 01628 672814
Normalair Garrett Ltd 01460 67702

Note: Some companies offer a limited range of materials, and the casting
techniques vary.


Sara Steel
Pera Technology


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