New Rotory 4th Axis for MaxNC

From: Greg Pettengill (
Date: Fri Oct 17 1997 - 20:18:15 EEST

The 4th. axis Adapter for the MAXNC-10 CNC
Machining Center expands the capabilities of
the Machine with the ability to rotate the part
being machined, under program control, in full
interpolation with the other three axis.
The adapter includes a 4.0" diameter rotary
table, which is normally mounted with the axis
of rotation perpendicular to the spindle of the
machine and parallel to the X axis.

The 4th. axis is furnished with its own control
box that includes its own power supply. It
requires a second parallel port in your
computer. As a bonus, the control provides
connections for the spindle motor so that
spindle start and stop can be controlled from
the program.

The resolution of the system is 0.0125 of one
degree per step.

The software includes utilities to convert DXF
files from flat drawings, into rotary axis NC
programs, and several sample programs.

P/N 20240 ................... $ 535.00

Parallel printer port:
P/N 20245 ................... $ 29.00

For further information on this and other Desktop Machining systems
please contact;
Greg Pettengill
Phone (602)375-2922

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