Advertizment; Lowest Priced RP 4 Axis Desktop CNC Machining System

From: Greg Pettengill (
Date: Sat Oct 18 1997 - 21:40:03 EEST

A complete Rapid Prototypeing package of DeskProto and the MAXNC-10 CNC
3D DIGITIZING PROBE, and ROTORY 4TH AXIS is now only $ 3250.00 + S/H!
That's a discount
of $ 284.00 from the price of the components if purchased separately.
I also have 3 "Slave Computers" left. These are 386 CPUs configured
with MaxNC and
SuperCAM softwares for $ 750.00 each. They are ready to be hooked-up to
any Workstation
or DNC system.

For more information or to place orders please contact me;
Greg Pettengill
Phone (602)375-2922


Bringing the power of modern CNC machining to model engineers,
hobbyist, inventors and students. Controlled from the printer port of
PC compatible computer.
8" X Travel 5" Y Travel 6" Z Travel 4" wide dovetails 11.9" long x 4"
wide table
Heavy duty spindle. CONTROL FEATURES: "G" & "M" code programming
resolution Linear interpolation Circular interpolation Helical
Backlash compensation Keyboard jog mode Automatic cycle Step cycle
Tool length
Compensation table Scaling Screen plot of program and more. Includes
software package with a mini CAM system for automatic NC program
creation from CAD.
Optional probe for 3d digitizing. Optional 4th axis.

P/N 20200 ..........................$1,295.00 + S/H


Automatically digitize three dimensional objects and creates G code NC
for later machining. Programs can be used in a MAXNC mill or most any
milling machine. Files can be imported into your CAD software (with DXF
conversion) for modifications then converted back to CNC for machining.
Requires any of the Maxnc motion software programs to run. Includes the
Digitizing Probe and the Software. The software includes the Digitizing
utilities to convert 3D NC programs to DXF, 3D DXF to NC, an AUTOCAD 3D
DWG file,
sample 3D DXF files and more.

P/N 20130 ........................$ 225.00 + S/H


The 4th Axis Adapter for the MAXNC-10 CNC Machining Center expands the
of the Machine with the ability to rotate the part being machined, under
control, in full interpolation with the other three axis. The adapter
includes a
4.0" diameter rotary table, which is normally mounted with the axis of
perpendicular to the spindle of the machine and parallel to the X axis.
The 4TH AXIS is furnished with its own control box that includes its own
supply. It requires a second parallel port in your computer. As a bonus,
the control
provides connections for the spindle motor so that spindle start and
stop can be
controlled from the program. The resolution of the system is 0.0125 of
one degree
per step. The software includes utilities to convert DXF files from
flat drawings,
into rotary axis NC programs, and several sample programs.

P/N 20240 ........................ $ 535.00 + S/H

Parallel printer port:
P/N 20245 ........................ $ 29.00 + S/H

DeskProto is meant for any company that needs in-house facilities for
Rapid Prototypeing.
Main application area is Concept Modeling: the creation of styling block
models during
the concept stage of the design process. Stereolithography machines and
other layer
oriented systems are far too expensive, however a small NC milling
machine combined with
DeskProto is affordable: offering Desktop Prototypeing. The advantages
are clear: you no
longer have to wait a number of days, your prototype is ready within
hours! The
design process will be clearly accelerated.

DeskProto 1.1 .................. $ 1450.00 + S/H

SuperCam CAD/CAM program, a direct machine control Graphics User
Interface with a CNC code
generator for CNC machine tool control and CNC code file import features
for stepper motor
control via the parallel interface port on a Desktop computer. HPGL,
DXF, TIF and
G-code files can be used as tool paths.

SuperCAM ......................... $ 495.00 + S/H

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