Re: [rpml] Suggestion for mail-list

From: Kevan Jones (
Date: Mon Oct 20 1997 - 19:35:45 EEST

Kevan Jones
10/20/97 12:35 PM

          One problem I discovered with Eudora (I am not sure if they
changed it) was that it would NOT filter messages if the Precedence Header
was set to Bulk, which the rp-ml used to do. Therefore, Eudora would not
automatically filter my rp-ml messages. I now use Lotus Notes which tends
not to give such detailed header information, so I am not sure if the
Precedence header is set any more. I know the rp list has changed servers
and software recently, and Qualcomm may have updated Eudora, so my info may
me outdated.

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