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From: Brent Stucker (
Date: Mon Oct 20 1997 - 22:02:40 EEST

Steve and others,

I would concur. Although in-process verification might be useful, I think
that simple, inexpensive, fully-automated techniques for analyzing the part
after it is removed from the machine would be more useful. The ideal
solution is one where you simply feed the CAD file to your scanning
equipment, set the part in the scanning equipment, hit GO and come
back later to receive an analysis that tells exactly how your part differs
from the file.

The next step would be to use this data to "tune" your RP
equipment or to automatically create CNC tool paths that will "touch-up"
your part, bringing it in line with whatever tolerances you prescribe. I'm
sure this type of simplicity will come along some day, but, unless I am
mistaken, we aren't very close yet.


P.S. I've heard from a number of sources that having the ability to use CNC
machining to touch-up RP parts (particularly those that will be used for
tooling) would be very beneficial. I'm hoping to undertake a research
program in the future to study techniques for easily and accurately touching
up RP parts using CNC machining and was wondering if there is broad-based
interest in this type of capability. If so, what do you see as the benefit to
your process in having this capability, and how might you use it?

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> My question is, if an inprocess verification could be accomplished with
> very little ( < 10%)additional time to build the model, is this a
> feature that the RP users would want.?

I think this would be very useful. I have found, however, that much of the
accuracy problems arise after the part is taken off the machine, i.e.,
during post processing.


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