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Date: Mon Oct 20 1997 - 23:17:50 EEST

Hi Barney Sing

Thanks for the costing information , it is refreshing to get a users opinion of a process rather than a sales driven one .
What cost per Kilo does the DTM metal powder material work out to be ( $100US/Kg?) if so then that appears to be a competitive
disadvantage for this process .

Did some of your costs come from the amount of finishing / polishing work required on the inserts? and how did the accuracy stack up for a typical injection mould component .
Our requirements are for producing prototype injection moulds quickly and cheaply for typical runs of 200 parts for life testing prior to final design and production tooling release .

Phil Malone

From: Barney Sing
Sent: Friday, 17 October 1997 11:32
To: Phil Malone
Subject: dtm rapid tooling

an ambitious task... rapid tooling!

Our company used and invested in DTM Rapid Tooling.
We found the process to be more expensive than conventional AL tooling.

$14K US dollars to fill a Sinterstation 2000 only 65% full.
A huge amount of AL can be purchased for this amount.

Relatively, our "cost" of a DTM rapid tool was 2-3 times that of
conventional tooling methods... Most part geometries of comparable
complexity only achieved a 3-5 day increase in time. Yet cost us -not
the customer- 2-3 times more.

We are no longer using DTM's Rapid Tooling.

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