Model/Pattern Verification

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Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 00:38:08 EEST

Dear Brent and others:

Brent Wrote:

> The ideal
>solution is one where you simply feed the CAD file to your scanning
>equipment, set the part in the scanning equipment, hit GO and come
>back later to receive an analysis that tells exactly how your part differs
>from the file.

Please do not take this as an advertisement, but this is exactly what we do!

This process/technology is readily available and deadly accurate. We simply
scan your part and lay it right over your original CAD file. INSPECTION
COMPLETE. This goes for first article inspections ( customer) and mold
verification ( molder), on going part inspection, mold wear etc. Where we
are seeing interest grow is in the RP house ability to supply the client
with a comparison with the part. Takes the guess work out of it!

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