Re: RP for METAL

From: Dan Sammons (
Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 00:53:44 EEST

I was looking thru several older messages and for some reason I missed
your question regarding "other rapid tooling processes". I thought I
would mention a new process which you might be interested in if you are
still searching.

DPT has been working closely with NDM, Inc. in building tooling created
from a new sintered powder process. Our experiences have been extremely
positive as we build SLA masters which are passed along to NDM. The 2
step method used by NDM results in fast turn-around of accurate, high
finish and detail stainless steel (420) tools.

The NDM steel has a Rockwell hardness of P20, size limitations of 7.25"
x 6.25" x 2.5". If you want to contact NDM you can call Simeon Bojilov
at 315-492-2933. If you need masters created for this process please
give me a call.


Dan Sammons

Bill Hagenau wrote:

> Simon Park wrote:
> >
> > Would anyone know metallic RP processes other than RapidTool by DTM
> and Keltool by 3D?
> >
> Check our Stanford's RP Lab. They are researching several metal
> deposition processes.
> Bill Hagenau

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