Re: Processes No.2!

From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 08:35:37 EEST

B.D.Smither wrote:

> was wondering if
> anyone could tell me whether or not the following processes still
> exist.

> 3D Printing

    Very much so ... at least four licensees so far: Soligen for
investment casting, Z Corp. for office fabbing, Therix for medical
applications, and Extrude Hone for direct metals (I think).

> Photochemical Machining

    This term was sometimes used to refer to 2-beam laser curing (which
has not gone very far, so far), but is more generally used for a 2-D
process in which shapes are eroded by acid from a metal plate with a mask
to block regions not be affected.

> Optical Fabrication

    I think this has sometimes been used to refer to Efrim Fudim's
masked-lamp-curing method, also called "Light Sculpting" or "DesCAF."
There have been several attempts at commercialization, but it hasn't yet
gotten off the ground.

> Solid Base Curing

    Yep. This is Cubital's process. Struggling but still alive, as far as
I know.

> Masking and Deposition Technology

    Your probably referring to the Carnegie Mellon/Stanford "MD*" process
here. "MD*" stands for "mask-deposit-repeat." Still under laboratory

> Shape Melting

    This is one of the names used for what I've called "3-D welding" in
the past. It's been worked on in several places, most notably U of
Nottingham, but is yet to emerge from the lab.

    I hope this helps.

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