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From: Alain Bernard (
Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 10:11:38 EEST

Dear RP colleagues !

>Dear Brent and others:
>Brent Wrote:
>> The ideal
>>solution is one where you simply feed the CAD file to your scanning
>>equipment, set the part in the scanning equipment, hit GO and come
>>back later to receive an analysis that tells exactly how your part differs
>>from the file.
>Please do not take this as an advertisement, but this is exactly what we do!
>This process/technology is readily available and deadly accurate. We simply
>scan your part and lay it right over your original CAD file. INSPECTION
>COMPLETE. This goes for first article inspections ( customer) and mold
>verification ( molder), on going part inspection, mold wear etc. Where we
>are seeing interest grow is in the RP house ability to supply the client
>with a comparison with the part. Takes the guess work out of it!
>Stephen Rotzin
>Scanlab 3D
>510-676-1280 / Fax 1288
>1054-C Shary Circle
>Concord, CA 94518
>"Scanning the Globe for a Constant Variety of Projects"

Please, Stephen, let me know about the sensors ans the softwares you use
for the complete scanning and control process.
We have quite the same problems on experimental projects, and we use laser
scanners and softwares like Surfacer or RDS-STRIM100.



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