Re: What really happened to BPM?

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Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 15:59:07 EEST

>In a message dated 97-10-15 10:11:55 EDT, you write:
>With all due respect to Ms. Hunt and her opinions, she is not in a position
>to know what really happened. It is easy to take a single perspective and
>attempt to reduce a complex set of issues into a pithy set of comments
>uttered from the ivory tower.

Regardless of your or my opinion.....BPM's present state speaks for itself.
The whispers were correct and neither you nor I can change the past.

>From the beginning, the user community asked for Alpha and Beta
machines.....instead, BPM wanted to put out a "finished product" where
"software was not important". Quotes are from BPM not from me. Maybe here
in my ivory tower my vision is limited but when I heard those kind of
statements from their management, I recognized trouble ahead.

I have watched the RP technology since 1985 (BMP) and wanted and still want
to machine that is dependable and user friendly. One that can be deployed
in the classroom where any student can have the freedom to use and make 3d

Complex issues can often be distilled into simple terms.....and when a
company fails it usually comes down to one...... "management sitting in an
ivory tower with limited vision", even BPMers had theirs.

Any one seen any white elephants lately? I have a room to finish.


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