RE: e-mail question -- NON-RP -- NON-RP -- NON-RP

From: Yakov Horenstein (
Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 16:19:35 EEST

At 13:36 +0200 21/10/97, DANIEL CHARLES DAVIS wrote:

> This reply is in blue.
>This is italic, this bold and this large.

Not here I'm afraid, where it appears in regular, non-formatted, black
ASCII text. Interesting that in my mailer (Eudora Pro v3.1) only some
formatting options are legible, although the (formatted) message I sent
earlier to the list returned exactly as sent. My mailer allows me to import
formatted text, but this option seems to work only partially.

Yakov Horenstein
Milano, Italy

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