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From: Sean Ryan (
Date: Wed Oct 22 1997 - 16:45:45 EEST

Hello Roald,

Try contacting CGI (stands for "Capture Geometry Inside" (I think)).
They are in the St. Paul, Minnesota area and have a machine that can
mill a 2D layer of a part embedded in a potting compund, laser scan
each layer at 600 DPI or so, and generate a 3D point cloud of data.
The point cloud can be read into some CAD programs (Pro/VERIFY is one,
Imageware is another ( ), I think) and converted
into an IGES file.

They have a web site; The machine costs
about$100K US or so.

It's brought to you by the brother of the founder of Stratasys
FDM RP systems. One brother builds parts layer by layer; the other
brother cuts them up layer by layer.

Sean Ryan
Advanced Mechanical Development
Ericsson Inc. - Cellular Phones

Roald Karlsen wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am looking for companies that sell equipment for
> reverse engineering (surfacing, digitalizing, from point cloud
> to surface etc.), and companies that offer services in the same area.
> Does anybody out there have any good suggestions ?
> Thanks in advance.
> Roald Karlsen
> The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
> Roald Karlsen
> Research fellow - Layer Manufacturing Technology
> The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
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> 7034 Trondheim, Norway
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