Re: 3D Scanners & *.ply formats

From: Eric Koch (
Date: Thu Oct 23 1997 - 18:35:58 EEST

Dear Mr. Wehner,

Please visit our Web Site at There you will find
technical information on our 3D Digitizing technology. Also, you will
find information on our distributors and service representatives.

If you would like further information please feel free to contact me.


Eric Koch
Digibotics, Inc.
ph: (512)832-6544
fax: (512)832-1163

Paul J. Wehner wrote:

> A client of ours is interested in learning more about
> 3D Scanning and *.ply formats. [*.ply to *.stl
> translation, in particularly]
> Technical data, operating considerations, as well
> as a list of capable service bureaus would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thank you in advance,
> -Paul

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