Re: ModelMaker II and silicone moulds

From: Michael Tsenter (
Date: Wed Oct 22 1997 - 22:21:28 EEST

Hi Roald:

We have had very positive experience making silicone molds using masters
from Sanders Model Maker equipment. We have used translucent platinum
based silicone and found no problems at all. Unfortunately, since the
masters are somewhat fragile, they often get destroyed during the
de-molding process, but the mold is good and should last for 30-100
polyurethane injections.

We have used the Protomix System for making the silicone mold and for
injection of polyurethane resins. You can visit our website to learn
more about the Protomix System & Protomix Materials.

Michael Tsenter

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Roald Karlsen wrote: > > Greetings, > > Does anybody have any experience of using models from the > ModelMaker II system as pattern for silicone moulds. > > Thanks, > Roald Karlsen > Research fellow - Layer Manufacturing Technology > > The Norwegian University of Science and Technology > Department of Production and Quality Engineering > 7034 Trondheim, Norway > Phone: (+47) 73593800 > Fax: (+47) 73597117

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