Urethane Molding

From: Dewittal@aol.com
Date: Thu Oct 23 1997 - 18:26:56 EEST

Rapid Solutions has developed and is using in house a combination vacuum
pressure system (we call it VIP Molding for Vacuum, Inject, Pressurize) for
molding urethane parts. The tank can be made in different sizes but the one
that we have started with is 20" diameter by 30" long, mounts horizontally,
and is made from stainless steel. The tank has the typical pressure pot type
of lid with the added feature of a hinge so that the lid does not have to be
lifted each time the tank is closed.
We have also developed a valve arrangement that allows urethane to be
injected into a mold in the chamber while the chamber is under full vacuum.
 As soon as the material is injected into the mold, the chamber is then
pressurized to 80 psi. The benefits are clear in that there is no air in the
mold to displace when the urethane enters and as soon as the mold is filled,
the chamber is pressurized to compress any bubbles that are formed while the
urethane cures.
We have equipped the chamber with windows so that the operator can watch as
the mold fills. This eliminates the need for expensive meter mix machines
that dispense materials to the gram. Many different type of meter mix
devices can be used since the mold can be observed as it fills.
We will consider manufacturing and offering these systems for sale if there
is enough interest. Any opinions on the usefullness of this system in the RP

AL DeWitt
Rapid Solutions Inc.
248 583 8060
FAX 248 583 8061

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