Re: Reverse Engineering

Date: Fri Oct 24 1997 - 16:49:15 EEST

     Dear Roald;
     Response to your search... Paramount offers RE services... 40"x
     40"x17" CMM touch probe => Imageware Surfacer (cloud points to IGES
     surface) => Conversion into ProE, SDRC or Alias => output SLS or SLA
     RP models => output to conventional, SLS Rapidtool or other Rapid
     Tooling processes.... Any or all as required by project requirements
     or as needed by customer. These are all in house capabilities.
     Jim Williams, CEO
     Contact: Jim Rampe => email
     Paramount Industries, Inc.
     2475 Big Oak Road
     Langhorne, PA 19047
     1.215.757.9611 Gen#
     1.215.757.9784 Fax#
     1.888.RPTOOLS Tool Free

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Subject: Reverse Engineering
Author: Roald Karlsen <> at INTERNET
Date: 10/22/97 11:59 AM

Sorry, but I have to send my message again without the signature.
I am looking for companies that sell equipment for
reverse engineering (surfacing, digitalizing, from point cloud
to surface etc.), and companies that offer services in the same area.
Does anybody out there have any good suggestions ?
Thanks in advance.
Roald Karlsen
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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