Metal Powder Announcement

From: New Design Models Inc. (
Date: Fri Oct 24 1997 - 07:20:02 EEST

New Design Models is pleased to announced a new Metal Powder Process.

"Production Tooling Inserts in 9 Days"

New Design Models (NDM) provides production material tooling inserts
using a proprietary 2 step powder metal process developed by Simeon
Bojilov. From your pattern or a pattern built by NDM, highly accurate
tooling inserts will be delivered in 9 days.

Sizes up to 7.25 x 6.25 x 2.5 inches
Accuracy +/- .001 in/in to pattern
Material : Stainless Steel (420)
Standard Hardness equivalent to P20
Tooling insert surfaces can be textured or polished to a mirror finish
Inserts are 100% dense and can be drilled, reamed, machined, EDM'ed,
weldable, etc.

Inserts are delivered in 9 to 10 days following receipt of your pattern
NDM can supply pattern in 5 to 7 days following receipt of your CAD data

Quotations provided within 24 hours
Insert cost based on size / volume
If customer supplies pattern
        Fax sketch or drawing to 315-492-3227
        Phone NDM at 315-492-2933
If NDM supplies pattern
        Customer to supply CAD data of pattern or part
        Transfer native CAD, IGES, STL data electronically
        Via 24 hour on-line bulletin board at 315-463-8510
        Via email to:

Thank you,

New Design Models, Inc.

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