RE: Iformation about LOM and Sinterstation 2000

From: Vicki Billings (
Date: Tue Oct 28 1997 - 01:31:41 EET

Hi Roald,

While I really appreciate the opportunity you have given to me for my
first contribution to the rp-ml to wax poetic about Helisys and our LOM
products, I will resist the temptation to use the rp-ml that way and
simply say that I will have our representative in Scandinavia contact
you with the details to your questions. I would like to briefly mention
that we are a lower cost solution than the other product you noted and
that we are environmentally easier to operate.

By way of introduction, I am the new Director of Marketing for Helisys.
I have come to the Rapid Prototyping industry by way of aerospace
(Northrop Grumman) and I think this is an exciting time and a time of
great opportunity for all of us in Rapid Prototyping.

Thanks again for the opportunity to reply.


>From: Roald Karlsen[]
>Sent: Saturday, October 25, 1997 3:09 PM
>Subject: Iformation about LOM and Sinterstation 2000
>Dear RP'ers
>Is there anybody out there in the RP-world who can help me
>with som of these questions regarding LOM 2030H, LOM 1015, and
>Sinterstation 2000.
>Price for the system
>Building materials
>Service costs per year
>Material costs (e.g. per kilo)
>Does the equipment need a special room?
>How difficult is it to remove the support material?
>Compatibility (SGI, Sun, HP....)
>Approx. operating costs per year
>Layer thickness
>Minimum wall thickness
>Is the models suitable for snap-functions?
>Build time compared to SLA-250
>Is there any healt risk working with the materials?
>Is the machine fitted for unattended operation?
>Where is the nearest distributor located (Norway)?
>Is the models suitable for silicone mould patterns?
>There are many questions, but I hope some of you have the time
>to answer some of them.
>Thanks to all for very good response on earlier questions.
>Roald Karlsen
>Norwegian University of Science and Technology
>Department of Production and Quality Engineering
>7034 Tromdheim

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