RE: 3D printers - what are they?

From: Ian Gibson (
Date: Tue Oct 28 1997 - 06:09:55 EET

>The question that was being argued, however, was time. If you start the
>clock running with the moment someone has an idea, it takes a little extra
>time to generate that CAD model and then a physical model than it does to
>make a quick sketch and hand carve a piece of foam.
>Brock Hinzmann

So the problem is CAD, not RP (or 3D printing or whatever)? Can anyone fill
us in on what is being done to CAD to speed up the conceptual design
process? I see plenty of effort on making CAD more powerful, more precise,
and more communicable and I agree that this does contribute to the process
of making it easier to use - but is it enough?

What radical new ideas are in the pipeline that allow users to perform this
sketch function within the computer?

The term virtual prototyping has been around for some time now but I see
little evidence that it is pushing RP out of the way. Is it because the 3D
sketch pad still doesnt exist?


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