RE: 3D printers - what are they?

From: Christian Werdinius (
Date: Tue Oct 28 1997 - 13:24:03 EET

It seems to be problems with creative working in combination with CAD.
People just find it easier to work with a knife and a waxpart in the
first prototyping steps.

One questian which has arised during this discussion is: when is it
recomendable to bring the prototype into the computersystem.

I wonder if it´s necessary to make such a breakpoint. Why not use a
3D-scanner to get the model into the computer, make a few
modifications, print a new wax-model, modificate it with a knife and
then repeat the process?

Are there any Virtual Prototyping systems today, commercial or under
development, in which you are able to actually work with the part.

If not, why don´t get some knowledge from the Virtual Reality Game
industry. Imagine working with a virtual knife in a virtual room with
a virtual part. Then you could combine the benefits of handmodelling
with those from computer aided design.

Are my thoughts still Science Fiction ?

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