RE: 3D printers - what are they?

From: Paul Lasman (
Date: Tue Oct 28 1997 - 19:33:03 EET

>Two weeks for CAD is totally unacceptable as a conceptual event. If CAD
> systems are so difficult as concept modelers then why is there little
> vocalization of these problems. Surely the customer wants less than a
> perfect model if they want quick. And I hope a customer does not expect
> a quick model that is to be used for casting or other precision
> processes.

Why is two weeks unacceptable if that is how long it takes the engineer or designer to model the part from concept, If it takes him/her two weeks to put there ideas into the CAD system then they either have conceptualized a very large and complex model for which two weeks may be ok or it would have taken the same amount of time to convey the information to a model maker, most likely he/she has not fully learned to utilize the tools of the trade. A CAD system is no more that another tool like the pencil or the calculator within the realm of the engineer or designer and to be able to conceptualize and model a part or several parts with a varying degree of detail should not be the bottle neck in the process if the tools are used properly.

If the customer understands that the concept model may not have all of the draft, radii and fillets then any engineer or designer who has learned to use the tools efficiently can model just about any part in the time it would take him to sketch, dimension and convey the same information to someone who may produce the part from wax or some other hand created method.


Paul Lasman
CAD Design Advantage, Inc.

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