Re: Quasi-rp, delete if you must

From: Kevan Jones (
Date: Tue Oct 28 1997 - 20:54:47 EET

Kevan Jones
10/28/97 02:54 PM

          A fine idea, but........

There are (from memory, someone correct me if I am wrong) somewhere between
1500 an 2000 participants in the rp-ml. If half of those people decide to
shamelessly self promote themselves, and half of those decide to do it on
the first day of the second week of November, there could be traffic on the
list of up to 500 messages that day. I believe the List Mom would be
distressed if each list member were to receive 500 messages in one day (max
500 messages x 2000 participants = 1,000,000 outgoing messages--not

Dissemination of information is a fine thing, but we must think carefully
how we do it!!

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