RE: Quasi-rp, delete if you must

From: Brock Hinzmann (
Date: Tue Oct 28 1997 - 23:32:04 EET

As a person curious about all things, I think it would be quite
interesting to observe the chaos that would result from your suggestion and see how
it works itself out. One vote for good idea.

As an observer of consultants and business in general, I can't help but
wonder if this is an attempt to add to the Rolexes, rather than to the
Rolodexes. One vote for bad idea.

As a consultant myself, I wonder how you could have been a subscriber to
this mailing list for a year and not know the vast number of sources of
free or dirt cheap sources of information on this industry. One vote for
desperate cry.

Brock Hinzmann
SRI International

Brad W. Wright, Ph.D., P.E. wrote:
>Hello all
>As this is my first submission to the rp-ml, let me give you a little
>background. I am a consulting
>engineer with a high level of interest in rp, but no active
>participation as yet. I have been closely
>watching the various topics flow through the rp-ml for about a year
>now. What I would like to
>address is the "rule" that prohibits shameless self-promotion on the
>rp-ml. I would submit that
>there are those of us who truly appreciate knowing what is out there and
>who does what. For
>those of us on the "fringe", in industries parallel to rp, there is a
>need to know.
>I understand the views of those of you who are a little "gray around the
>muzzle" in the rp industry;
>you already know everything. But for us neophytes, I believe this
>mailing list can help not only
>our understanding of the industry, but be a boon to our respective
>Rolodexes as well. Wouldn't
>this foster an increased use of rp in general?
>To this end, I would like to propose the declaration of the second week
>in November as "Shameless
>Self-Promotion Week." During this week, everyone who subscribes to the
>rp-ml (and who so
>desires) can submit a short testimony as to their work, company, rp
>interests, or whatever. Of particular interest for folks like me would
>be information from service bureaus all over the world as to
>current equipment (number and kind, etc.) and capabilities/specialties.
>While this will
>undoubtedly ruffle the feathers of the rp-ml elite, it would indeed be
>valuable to those of us
>minions with little else to do than review our email and flesh out our
>contact lists. An added benefit
>of this period (perhaps repeated every six months or year?) would be
>that the rest of the time,
>brazen, unabashed narcissism would truly be inappropriate on the rp-ml.
>Perhaps the mail-meister
>could compile these into some kind of reference to which future
>neophytes could be directed
>in times of doubt (I have developed a peculiar affection for committing
>other people's energies).
>Perhaps this is not appropriate; I think it would be beneficial. Please
>respond either on the
>rp-ml or to me personally. You could categorize your response into one
>of the following
> ___ This is an excellent idea!
> ___ This is not a good idea!
> ___ This is clearly a desperate and pitiful cry for help.
>For those of you who already deleted this based on the header, you may
>get quite a workout
>for that index finger during the second week of November!
>Respectfully submitted;
>Brad W. Wright
>Wright Engineering and Applied Technologies

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