Re: Quasi-rp, delete if you must

From: Christopher Jelley (
Date: Wed Oct 29 1997 - 00:00:16 EET


I was under the impression that we had a discussion around 2-3 years ago
regarding the subject of "shameless self-promotion" and that someone came
up with the idea of having a separate mailing list (rp-ads) for all those
with both the time and
inclination to look at (and delete) a lot of ads. I'm sure we were given an
for this new and exciting list...but then again...perhaps not...can anyone
Anyway, whatever, I can't say I'm particularly in favour of this idea, as we
poor people in the UK (not sure 'bout anywhere else) have to pay for our
on-line time and I for one don't want to spend time and money downloading
stuff I will have to spend time deleting...sorry Brad.

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