3D Printing, an idea whose time is here

From: zedand00 (zedand00@sound.net)
Date: Wed Oct 29 1997 - 01:21:57 EET

Elaine T. Hunt wrote:

> 3D printing has yet to be proven as a general purpose tool. Few are
> willing to take the leap....and find themselves short at performance
> review time. When I can place such a system in an open lab (no vendor
> has promised me that as of today) then I suppose 3D printing is still
> a figment in all our imagination.

Dear Elaine and list,

It is interesting to see the many opinions about 3d printing. Granted,
my profession is not well represented on this list, nor are sculptors in
general well educated to cad and its possibilities. And granted, I am a
bit of an anomaly. But, I am employing 3d printing to excellent effect.
The objects I am making I consider to be finished works of art. The
precision is well within parameters and I can further work the materials
for other effects. Perhaps the cynics would lump this kind of work into
the "for the bosses" desk category. Perhaps this kind of work represents
one of the many barely conceptualized markets for 3d printing. As
far as I'm concerned, 3d printing is here and its a viable reality.

One other thing. Perhaps you all would enjoy the discussions that are
raging over at the Academic Metal Crafts discussion
<ACMET-L@VM.TEMPLE.EDU>. Its a mailing list like this one and they are
actively hashing out the use of rp technologies and cad in their
industry. This kind of interest will only grow as RP grows. Currently, I
am teaching classes to 30 students or so, all of whom are learning about
the wonder of this technology and its applications to art and design.
Their eyes light up! Pity it's not affordable to these students-- YET!?

"Though wise men say "give up the fight",
Rail, rail against the dieing of the light."


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