RE: Metal Spray Tooling

From: Halford, Ben (
Date: Wed Oct 29 1997 - 13:32:00 EET


PVA or Taffa Black will be your best bets, but my expectations are that your
Al will peel off the SLA by about 0.15 mm rather then 2 mm. The issues of
CTE and Tm make Al a very nasty substance to work with - oh and check the
H&S regarding extraction and explosions . As an aside we regularly spray
steels directly onto SLA up to 1mm thick. Greater thicknesses are possible
but again the tendency for the shell to curl is the limiting factor.

Ben Halford
PERA Technology

From: Phil Malone
To: 'RP mail list'
Subject: Metal Spray Tooling
Date: 29 October 1997 15:07

To fellow RPers,

I am about to run an experiment using Arc Spray where by I will use an
aluminium spray onto a SLA part to a thickness of approx. 1 to 2 mm then
back this up with zinc spray . The finished article will hopefully be a
core and cavity for an injection moulded part .
Anticipated problem: -Release agent , what should I use to split the SLA
part out of the Sprayed shell ?
Has any one had experience with this method .

Looking forward to a response


Phil Malone

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