Re: RP??: A cute LOM based novelty item!

From: Jason L. Dickman (
Date: Wed Oct 29 1997 - 19:35:38 EET

George Sachs wrote:

> If you happen to visit certain toy stores in the coming months, you may come
> across a very interesting new novelty item (at least it's new to me). Some
> of you may even kick yourselves when you see its simplicity (I did!).
> Apparently there was at least one creative individual who saw commercial RP
> as "all work no play" and was motivated enough to see a market for even
> "very bad RP" and consequently decided to make something fun (and
> potentially extremely profitable) out of it. By the
> way, it is being touted as "a brand new concept". Now I won't spoil the fun
> for you just yet, but if no one discovers what this thing is, I will spill
> the beans in a later posting.

Hmmmmmmmm.... Let me take a guess.... Would this product be "3D Sculpting" by Milton
Bradley? (A subsidiary of the Hasbro Toy Group)

> Hats off, to the industrious and entrepreneurial person who took the next
> step with this nifty idea and invested the 99% work along with the 1%
> inspiration which is the hallmark of all really good products.

Thank you for the recognition! I wonder... Will the people on the list consider this to be "Shameless self
promotion" ????

>It would be
> hilarious if this thing eventually makes several million dollars in profit
> at a time when commercial RP profits seem to be tapering off.

We are banking on it!

Thanks again George.

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